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                                  Drum Wood chipper

                                  Drum type chipper,
                                  Wood log chipping machine;
                                  Wood shredder;
                                  CE certificate
                                  Capacity 10-30tons/h

                                  Biomass Drum Wood Chipper is the special equipment of making high quality wood chips for flakeboard, the base of production and export of fiberboard, and papermaking and wood chips plant.can make the raw material, such as (Logs, Timber,branches plate, etc) into the high quality wood chips with  the uniform length, incision smooth, thickness.

                                  Advantage of Biomass Large Drum Wood chipper 

                                   1,It is made up of high strength steel plate so it is strong enough for working. 

                                   2,Connected by hydraulic system, the upper faced roller assembly can float up and down  over the material to be cut within certain range according to the thickness of the  material.

                                  3.the blades is made up of high quality material.long lifetime and can be repaired with wood chipper accessory equipment-Blades charpen machine

                                  4.Wide adaptability, convenient operation and maintenance

                                  Features of Biomass Large Drum Wood Chipper 

                                  1.Different capacity and different feeding size suitable for the different model.

                                  2. According to the customers' request, the final size can be selectable.

                                  3. It has the durable blades, easy operation and maintenance.

                                  Structure of Large Drum Wood Chipper 

                                  Wood Chipper  contains frame,Knife roller,upper and lower feed roller feeding belt conveyor,discharging belt conveyorand electrical cabinet. Operation is very easy and highly working efficiency.

                                  Application Raw Materials of Biomass Large Drum Wood Chipper 

                                  Wood Chipper can make logs, branches, slab,bamboo, cotton stalk and so on cutting into a certain specifications of the material, as particleboard, fiberboard, at least not the basic materials of man-made board and pulp and paper. 

                                  Applications of Large Drum Wood Chipper 

                                  The final wood chips can be used as the man-made board industry, sawmills industry biomass power plants, wood chips making factory, wood shredding industry.

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